What New In Cowbell

The 3.0, Cowbell, release of The Attuned Stack adds a number of important enhancements and something new, our pipeline processing engine, called Sequence.

Leap, in music is an interval greater than a step.  In other words, not just a step up – it is more than that. In the physical word, a leap is much greater than a step, it is more like a vault forward.  As an acronym, it can be thought of as L-ightweight, E-nterprise, A-pplication P-atern.  It is set pattern revolving around definitions of highly independent, cloud or premises deployable feature sets.  The Leap framework provides, not only, a pattern, but a lot of the structure and supporting tools to scale development.
Form, in music, refers to the plan or layout of a piece of music. The Attuned Labs Form product allows for simple, fast definitions of User Interface Forms and their associated flows. Form allows you to think more about 'what' you are trying to achieve rather than spending so much time worrying about the 'how'.
Scale, in music has to do with notes ordered by pitch. In the physical word, scale has many meanings, most important for us is the computer term having to do with scalability. Scale is our Platform-As-A-Service and allows you to deploy on-premises, on the cloud, or a hybrid. You can add Virtual Machines, create Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and manage availability from an implementation neutral User Interface.
Sequence, in music refers to a repeating motif. In the physical world, sequence speaks to a particular order which related events follow. For Attuned Labs, this is a configurable pipeline processing engine, great for high-speed, sequential processing situations seen in IoT and real-time data collection situations like warehouse management systems (WMS)
Other Releases
Release date: 5/11/2015

Our initial release, used in a couple of Warehouse Management System(WMS) sites white-labeled under a Transportation Management System (TMS).

Release date: 1/11/2016

Lots of performance improvements, Form support for CE-based industrial devices back to CE-5 devices (1990's devices). This is the first release to get wider deployments. Dozens of WMS systems.

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