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LUCA Composable UI/UX

Our New 100% Composable UI allows for rapid development of User-Interface screens for any form factor.

LUCA For MOCA Developers

LUCA, short for Leap Unified Composable Architecture, represents a new way to solve some of the very same problems MOCA did nearly 30 years ago. If you already know how MOCA works, take a look at this video to see how LUCA takes on some of the same issues.

LUCA Replacing the BY Release Manager

This video discusses how to take any execution system, in this case, the BY Release Management portion of the WMS, and turn it into a Headless Execution Platform. While using BY’s “Release Manager” as an example, this could apply to virtually any WES or WMS.

LUCA Server-Side Highlights

This video helps you understand the Services flow inside of LUCA. In this video, we discuss a variety of problems solved by the LUCA architecture.

Simple, Secure Conveyor/WCS Integrations for JDA/BlueYonder WMS

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Am I a Control guy? You know, like those people that feel like they have to control absolutely everything.

Some opinions differ, I am sure, but I don’t think so.

I would say I am very much about strong cooperation and, even more so, coordination. So, when it comes to complicated WMS integrations, which include conveyor systems and other automation, that’s what I am after – a bit more cooperation and coordination between the execution elements.